Facebook: What Happens To My Account When I Pass Away?

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This day and age there are many different types of social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Yahoo, etc. These accounts are often overlooked or ignored upon someone’s passing. The good news is that these accounts can be closed or memorialized, depending on the social media platform requirements. For this month, we will focus on Facebook.

What Are My Options With My Facebook Account?

Facebook offers two options for your online account.

  1. Memorialize Your Account – this option is a wonderful opportunity for your friends and family to share memories. Your account will be changed so that your profile no longer appears in public spaces or as suggestions for “People You May Know” and reminders for events such as birthdays. Note that a legacy contact can be chosen to look after your account.
  1. Delete Your Account – no explanation needed here!

For further information, click here

What Is A Legacy Contact?

A legacy contact is someone you select to manage your account after it has been memorialized. Note that your legacy contact will only have certain permissions and will not have full access to your account.

Can I Add, Change or Remove My Legacy Contact In Advance To Handle My Account Upon My Passing?

Yes. It is quite simple. Just click here to the following link for instructions on how to set up your legacy contact.

What Happens If I Do Not Do Anything In Advance or If My Loved Ones Do Not Cancel My Facebook Account?

At Oakstone Law, we make certain that this is part of our ongoing process during the estate/trust/probate administration process. Our staff is trained to handle these situations. If you would like more information or need assistance with setting up your legacy contact, feel free to reach out to us. We are more than happy to help!

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