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Trust Funding

Trust funding is one of the most important steps when creating a trust, yet it is also one of the most misunderstood trust fundingand poorly implemented.  While planning one’s estate, a trust is often created to avoid probate.  Probate is the public, often costly and time-consuming court process after you die to ensure your debts are paid and your assets are distributed accordingly.  All of the careful planning to provide for loved ones after your death, and thoughtful consideration put into how your assets are to be distributed will be for nothing if you do not fund your trust properly.  Continue Reading →

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Do I Have to Pay for That?

The death of a loved one is an emotional time, the last thing anyone wants is added stress.  Unfortunately, when that Do I Have to Pay for Thatloved one leaves a significant amount of debt behind, the added stress of how it’s going to get paid and by whom is inevitable.  Fortunately, the law addresses how an individual’s debts can be paid after they are deceased. Continue Reading →

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The IRS Wants You To Have Angry Beneficiaries


Imagine you’re the personal representative (executor) of your uncle’s estate. In his will, he’s left $10,000 to a dear friend in Italy. Your attorney calls and says, “We need to get in touch with Sophia in Rome to let her know she needs to ‘register’ with the IRS.”

Your first reaction might be “Sophia is a bit of a hothead – she’s not going to like this one bit.” Your second reaction might be, “This sounds like something that could hold things up.” You could easily be right on both counts. Continue Reading →

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Get the Most from Your Benefits

Earlier this month we discussed how small business owners can reap the benefits from offering benefits.  This week benefits packagewe want to discuss how you, the employee can get the most from those benefits.  Health insurance and a 401k plan are a couple common perks that employers use to attract new employees, but there may be more that you aren’t taking full advantage of. Continue Reading →

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