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What If There Is No Estate Tax? Do I Still Need My Trust?

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There has been talk that President-Elect Donald Trump plans to repeal the federal estate tax.  This leaves many asking whether they should continue on with their estate tax planning, wait to see what happens, or do nothing at all.

Should you spend time and energy on a Trust if there will be no estate tax?  If you already have a Trust, do you still need it?

Trusts are and will continue to be necessary tools in your estate planning with or without an Estate Tax.  Below are 10 things to keep in mind regarding Trusts in this era of uncertainty: Continue Reading →

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Trust Funding

Trust funding is one of the most important steps when creating a trust, yet it is also one of the most misunderstood trust fundingand poorly implemented.  While planning one’s estate, a trust is often created to avoid probate.  Probate is the public, often costly and time-consuming court process after you die to ensure your debts are paid and your assets are distributed accordingly.  All of the careful planning to provide for loved ones after your death, and thoughtful consideration put into how your assets are to be distributed will be for nothing if you do not fund your trust properly.  Continue Reading →

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With so many different types of trusts out there, each with it’s own purpose, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.  trustRegardless of what the trust is called, each and every one of them has the same, somewhat simple concept behind it – an arrangement whereby one person agrees to hold property for the benefit of another. Continue Reading →

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When to Update Your Estate Plan

An outdated estate plan often times creates more problems than it solves when the time comes to probate the estate. estate_planning To ensure that your estate plan is accurate and current you should take the time to review your plan at regular intervals.  At Oakstone Law, we incorporate an annual review into all of our estate planning packages.  In addition, there are several life events that should trigger an estate plan update. Continue Reading →

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Myth Buster: The Reading of the Will

Undoubtedly you’ve all seen it, an attorney gathers the family members of the recently deceased together and readsReading of the Will aloud the terms of the last will and testament, often with dramatic results.  Scenes like this are so well known that many people take for granted that these “reading of the will ceremonies” are the first step in the estate distribution process.  We’re here to bust that myth, they make for great scenes in movies, but in real life they just don’t happen.  Here’s why… Continue Reading →

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