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Is a Family Limited Partnership Right for You?

As a small business owner, you should consider the importance of asset protectionFLP when creating your financial plan.   We live in a litigious society where there is no shortage of people looking for targets.  Taking the necessary steps to protect your assets will go a long way in not becoming one of those targets.  Continue Reading →

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Not All Trusts Are Created Equal

In a previous Acorn, we looked at the holding in Mikel v. Commissioner, a Tax Court case in which the IRS lost yet trusteeanother attempt to defeat Crummey powers.  “Crummey powers” (so named after the landmark 1960’s tax case,
Crummey v. Commissioner) you may recall, are withdrawal powers built in to a family trust that permit one gift tax annual exclusion to be claimed for each trust beneficiary. Continue Reading →

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Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes… And how to Protect your Family from Them

It’s a terrible tragedy when someone’s lifetime of hard work and success is squandered away in taxes or disputes.  Unfortunately, after 15 years’ work in estate planning, probate, and estate settlement, we’ve found this happens all too often.  Even more unfortunately, this outcome is almost always avoidable by proper planning.
Let Oakstone Law help you protect your family from the top 10 estate planning mistakes. Continue Reading →

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Ways to Avoid a Will or Trust Contest

willtrustHaving your Will or Trust contested after your passing can derail your final wishes, wipe out your estate and tear your loved ones apart.  Have no fear, all of that can be avoided with some proper planning.

Here are some tips for avoiding that potentially disastrous Will or Trust contest –

This isn’t the time for DIY.  If you are concerned about an heir contesting your estate plan, the last thing you want to do is attempt to write or update your Will or Trust on your own.  Only an experienced estate planning attorney can help you put together and maintain an estate plan that will discourage lawsuits. Continue Reading →

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Florida Family Trust Company Glitch Bill Dies

Florida Family Trust Company Glitch Bill, well, Glitches

florida family trust company bill fail

ok, so that’s the US House. you get the idea…

A bill, informally known in Florida Bar circles as the Florida Family Trust Company Act “glitch bill,” has run into a snag. The glitch bill would fix a number of issues in the original FTC bill enacted June, 2014.

The glitch bill has been anticipated since before that enactment, and that expectation was the main reason for the Act’s October 1, 2015 effective date.

(If you can’t see the entire post, click “Continue Reading” below).

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