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What’s it like to work with Oakstone Law on your estate planning?

Let’s be honest – most people fall somewhere between not understanding estate planning and dreading it. To get specific, here’s what we’ve learned about what clients hate about estate planning:

  1. It’s morbid. Must every estate planning conversation begin with “When you die….”?
  2. It’s expensive. Does the idea of a lawyer’s spinning hourly meter terrify you?
  3. It’s confusing. Can we get a plain English explanation?
  4. It’s personal. Is it hard to admit you don’t know exactly what to do for your family?
  5. It’s tedious. We’re busy. Can’t this be more efficient?

Here’s the thing: The whole point of Oakstone Law is to help families put together their best plan – without suffering the Five Estate Planning Pains. This is how we address them:

  1. Morbid? Not necessarily. Let’s start by talking about what’s made you successful. And how your beliefs and unique approach shaped your family and guided you to where you are today. How do we make sure that continues?
  2. Expensive? Perhaps, but it’s important to remember that estate planning is one of the most significant things you can do to ensure your financial security and that of your loved ones. Weigh the value of that peace of mind against the cost of your latest trip to ski country, the islands or Europe. And at Oakstone, you choose among service level packages that suit you and your budget. We don’t do billable hours. Each package has a fixed price, and includes our help long after your new documents are signed. If your financial advisor or accountant wants to talk about that trust you set up, we get back to them quickly and get them the info they need to serve you better at no additional cost. No surprise bill for you a month later — it’s just part of what we do. You’ll see, it’s different here.
  3. Confusing? Not here! We know not everyone wants to be an expert on estate planning. If you want to know all the details, hey, we can go on for hours about it. But if you just want a great plan without trying to learn a new language, we sort through the jargon with plain English, diagrams, and straightforward examples.
  4. Personal? Of course. You need advisers you can trust. Don’t get shuffled in and out of the big law firm with a pile of unintelligible documents. Take all the time you need talking to us about what’s important (did we mention no billable hours?). Chances are we’ve seen the issues you’re facing before.
  5. Tedious? Not here! We’re building custom estate plans with a process clients can love. If you like to get into the nitty-gritty details, by all means, we can help you do that. But if you prefer, after a couple of meetings we can handle all of the details for you with a minimum of back-and-forth.

What is Oakstone Law’s Estate Planning Process Like?

Estate planning is so personal and unique for each family that it is easy to get focused on the wrong things, get off track or lose sight of the big picture. That’s why at Oakstone Law we’ve developed a unique 6-Step Family Wealth Planning Process that does two things:

  1. The Oakstone 6-Step Family Wealth Planning Process helps make sure that we stay on track and get all of the details covered.
  2. The Oakstone 6-Step Family Wealth Planning Process provides you, our client, with an easy to understand roadmap of how we’re going to build a solid future for your family.

 What does the 6-Step Family Wealth Planning Process look like?

Oakstone Six-Step Family Wealth Planning Process

Each part of this process is included in the cost of each of our Client Service Packages – yes, including the Annual Review meeting!

How Much Does it Cost?

At Oakstone Law, we don’t charge by the hour for your estate planning. We believe you should be able to select the level of service you desire at a fair price. We offer each estate planning client three Client Service Packages that differ in the level of service desired and are priced accordingly.

Each estate planning Client Service Package includes all six steps of the 6-Step Family Wealth Planning Process described above. In addition, all Packages include unlimited email support whenever you like. Send us a question by email, and we’ll send you an answer at no additional cost. It’s that simple. The Client Service Packages differ in cost and in the level and variety of services offered and will be thoroughly discussed at your Family Wealth Planning Session.

Sometimes we are asked: “How much is a will?” Our response to that is, “You compensate us for the time and care we devote to understanding your family and your goals and then developing and executing a plan to meet those goals. The will itself is free!” Kidding aside, the documents themselves are merely the tangible byproduct of your carefully crafted estate plan. Quite literally anyone can write a will, the question is will it do as you expect? Everyone knows you can get a will for $50 or less online. You can diagnose a major medical condition online too, but you probably will want to see a professional to get the job done right…

At Oakstone Law we will invest time in you up front to understand your goals and aspirations. Then we’ll offer you three different Client Service Packages at different price points. You choose the plan and price that works for you and your family. Simple and clear so there are no surprises down the road.

Don’t put your family’s future on the back burner.

Are you ready to take action to secure your family’s future? Don’t fall into the inaction-procrastination trap. We’ll make the process as painless as possible.

Just imagine the peace of mind that getting these important issues resolved will bring you.

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