Probate FAQ Videos

1. Do life insurance or retirement benefits need to go through probate?

2. How can an estate plan prevent probate of my estate? 

3. What are probate assets?

4. What are the steps involved in probate?  

5. What is a formal probate? 

6. What is an informal probate? 

7. What is ancillary probate? 

8. What is probate?

9. What should I do to prepare for seeing a probate attorney?

10. Do living trusts go through probate?

11. What are self-probating wills? 

12. How does the probate process work?

13. How long will probate take?

14.  What is a fiduciary?

15.  Do I need the original will?

16. What happens if we cannot find a will?

17. Is there an estate tax imposed by both the federal government and Florida?

18. Are there any exemptions to the estate tax, and if so, how much?

19. Who is responsible for estate taxes?

20. When can the estate’s assets be distributed?

21. What is an estate tax return?

22. When is an estate accounting required?

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